Maintenance with the leading mobile solution

You can implement streamlined automated process with NEO Mobile Suite, our mobile solution for maintenance engineers. Instead of printing documents and archiving receipts, technicians can go from one job to the next with their mobile devices. Once on site and by the machine, they can access all the data they need. The benefits are clear: Reduced error numbers, increased system availability and savings on time and costs.

New technologies such as context-sensitive voice controls, push notifications, maintenance instructions based on augmented reality and digital checklists and test protocols make everyday work easier for the technicians. They also help increase document security.

Requirements of different interest groups

Maintenance peer groups

Stakeholders involved in the maintenance process have different requirements:

  • Production is at the centre. The top priority is the efficient operation of all systems and machines.
  • For those responsible for the systems, operational safety, optimised costs and statutory regulations also play a role.
  • Maintenance planners and schedulers need quality and deadline accuracy.
  • For maintenance production coordinators, simple communication and approval processes are key.
  • The maintenance engineers need to be able to see all service and machine data at a glance while in the field and record feedback data.

In order to meet these requirements, we have developed the NEO Mobile Suite and optimised it for maintenance.

The 6 most important functions of NEO Mobile Suite

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Displaying work orders, error and maintenance messages, machine and system data, including historic information.

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Whether it is test batches, measurement points or notification items, checklists can be recorded based on various standard SAP methods in NEO Mobile Suite.

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The user-specific mobile launchpad displays and processes orders, notifications, etc. in a user-friendly way using function tiles.

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Maintenance engineers, planners and other team members can communicate via the messenger function. Shift logs and shift hand-overs can be managed directly on site.

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Intelligent image recognition allows a “look at the store”. When linked to an integrated order process, this function also supports spare parts management.

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Recording of time and material feedback, mobile processing and creation of orders and maintenance protocols.

The future promises mobile maintenance:

As well as displaying maintenance instructions using augmented reality, which is a particular relief for foreign sites, modern maintenance is also shaped by predictive measures.

Our NEO Mobile Suite can be linked to NEO Predict, our predictive maintenance module. One application which is only now made possible is condition monitoring, which monitors and displays the status of a system based on machine data on mobile devices in order to initiate measures.

More about Predictive Maintenance

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