Predictive maintenance: Prevention is better than cure

We can now collect and evaluate unlimited amounts of machine data. Any evident anomalies form the basis for predictive maintenance. With NEO Predict, our predictive maintenance module, you can reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of your machine.

As a serviceprovider, NEO Predict allows you to offer your customers unique service quality.

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Long-term schedules reduce costs

The predictive handling of anomalies allows companies to minimise acute error messages in their own maintenance or in the services offered to their customers. This allows a significant reduction in total operating costs.

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More than just sensor data

Our IoT components combine all kinds of sensors, hardware components and even human interaction, including video analysis. The data can be automatically and intelligently incorporated into the process chain by NEO Predict based on standard or user-defined rules. Business partners and subcontractors can also be included.

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Integration into the NEO Suite

The messages recorded in NEO Predict are then incorporated directly into our NEO Schedule module. The maintenance order is planned and communicated to the service technician via our NEO Mobile Suite mobile solution, then made available for further processing.

Do you have any questions?

Contact our predictive maintenance expert Stefan Westermayr, Team Leader SAP Customer Service and Asset Management.

Stefan Westermayr von Axians
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